A First Course to Network Coding/A Brief Review of Probability

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// This example is from the book _JavaScript: The Definitive Guide_. // Written by David Flanagan. Copyright (c) 1996 O'Reilly & Associates. // This example is provided WITHOUT WARRANTY either expressed or implied. // You may study, use, modify, and distribute it for any purpose.

// A short-cut function, sometimes useful instead of document.write() // This function has no return statement, so it returns no value. function print(msg) {

   document.write(msg, "


// A function that computes and returns the distance between two points. function distance(x1, y1, x2, y2) {

   var dx = (x2 - x1);
   var dy = (y2 - y1);
   return Math.sqrt(dx*dx + dy*dy);


// A recursive function (one that calls itself) that computes factorials. // Recall that x! is the product of x and all positive integers less than it. function factorial(x) {

   if (x <= 1) 
       return 1;
       return x * factorial(x-1);