ATRIAS 2.1 Handbook/General Information/Suppliers and Manufacturers/Sensors

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Name Comments
US Digital All sorts of optical encoders.
Renishaw High precision incremental and absolute encoders.
Dynapar Incorrect data sheets online with misleading information. Same company as Hengstler.
Netzer High resolution encoders made in Israel. Had an 18 bit single turn rotary absolute encoder quoted at about $925 with a four week lead time.
BEI Tough industrial encoders, high precision encoders must be built to order and are very expensive. H25X 15 bit encoder quoted at $1700.
Allen-Bradley Tough encoders with high resolution.
Red Lion
DRC Only incremental encoders as of 6/27/2011.
Heidenhain Offer very high resolution encoders. Had ROC 425 25 bit encoder with EnDat output quoted at $476 each with a six week lead time. Made in Germany.Quoted 26 bit ROC 226 encoder with SSI output at $4500 each. ROC 417 17 bit encoder quoted at $1,598.
Allied Motion
GPI Quoted A90S23SBRS05SAS39S06EN 22 bit absolute single turn encoder at $2213.00 each with a 6-8 week lead time. Encoders are made in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Hengstler Made in Germany. Same company as Dynapar. Quoted AC36-0017-A-R.41-SB-B at $679.00 each with a four week lead time.