ATRIAS 2.1 Handbook/General Information/Suppliers and Manufacturers/Other Useful Companies

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Other Companies That Maybe Helpful[edit]

Name Notes
Matt Sweeney Special Effects Inc We got a nice quick release for controlled safe dropping of the robot for experiments
Igus supplier much like McMaster but international
Cooner Wires Very good wires
Smalley We use them for Retaining Rings
Fiber Glass Supply They sell carbon fiber cloth for Repairing Carbon Fiber Tubes
Stock Drive Products (Pulleys, timing belts, etc)
Gordon Composites Fiberglass Stock
Heli-cal Torsion Springs, expensive (~$700) very heavy, their best material is a steel-cobalt blend.
The Bergquist Company. (800) 347-4572, They sell thermally conductive gap pads for electronics. You can get 4"x4" sample pads from them for free.
Hobby Has large selection of LiPO batteries. Recommended by Tenergy for their selection and prices.
All Decent selection of various batteries and chargers, supply seems to vary (battery selection changes, some become discontinued).