ATRIAS 2.1 Handbook/General Information/Suppliers and Manufacturers/Machine Shops

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Machine Shops[edit]

This section outlines the shops we use to make the machined parts for our robots.

Name Location Phone Email Comments
RAM-Z Fab Corvallis, Oregon 541-753-4090

use this for quotes:

Good to work with. Usually a few days behind schedule. Owned by Scott Ramsey. Suggested by Steve Adams. They will machine to the drawings, so your drawings must be very explicit as to what you want. Part consistency can be improved. We used them for the motor housings and pulleys of ATRIAS 1.0 Rev 1 and we learned to make sure our drawings have the specs we want. Drawings need to be good for these guys to do good work. They tend to make mistakes often, but will make sure to get us a good part. This can take time.
King Machine Products Inc. Corvallis, Oregon 541 752 8628 Very good to work with. Makes parts correct, fast and relatively cheap. Very close to campus makes picking up parts easy.
Oakes Manufacturing Ft. Collins, Colorado 970-472-9776 Good to work with. Owner is Jason Oakes. His parts and tolerances are all perfect, as far as I can tell. Give him the parts that must be done right, if he quotes a reasonable price. Can take longer because he is only one man in his shop.
Ameri-Tool Albany, OR (541) 926-8647 Good to work with. Recommended by Manfred to Dr. Hurst. Quote person is Jeremy. Can make good parts.
Torley Precision Machining Philomath, Oregon 541-929-5617 Follow prints exactly, are able to communicate, and produce excellent tolerances. They are quicker than their estimated production times usually. Will send parts over with a courier service so they arrive faster. Good company when parts need to be made quickly to tight tolerances. Usually very expensive.
Select Tool & Die Toledo, Ohio 419-478-8670 Decent to work with father and son, both named Jeff LaChapelle. Not good for bearing or bore parts. Cheap prices for easy parts.
Katon Precision Albany, Oregon 541-791-2200 Hard to work with. Slow to reply, if ever. Machine shop and water jetting capable. Mentioned by Scott Ramsey. Asked for a quote once got no response. Later got the parts for keeping the cables on ATRIAS 1.0. looked good. They are able to precisely cut any material on the water jet.
NW Stamping Eugene, OR (541) 747-4269 Good to work with. They machined all of the gimbal parts for the boom. Seem to do a decent job and meet the tolerances. When used before they had no lead time and had the cheapest prices around. Can't receive emails over 6MB. Can Water jet!
Griffo Brothers, Inc Corvallis, Oregon 541.758.8421 Slow to quote, but can make quality parts. They have a 5 axis machine. President = Mark Matsler. Guy in robotics club has worked there (Jonathan Jackson).
Danco Machining California 408-988-5235 aerospace-quality giant machine shop that can be expensive but do a good job; they won't communicate, you just have to send them a good drawing. Spendy.
DDR Canada 1-877-335-4177 Contact: Daniel. Specializes in small precision parts.
Christopher CNC Machining Lebenon, Oregon 541-979-3968 Never worked with them. Owner Kevin Christopher, Small Local outfit, OSU IE alum,
STH Machining near corvallis 541-990-3867 Never worked with them. Suggested by Steve Adams
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