ATRIAS 2.1 Handbook/General Information/Suppliers and Manufacturers/Anodizing Shops

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Anodize Shops[edit]

This section outlines the shops we're considering for anodizing our parts.

Name Location Phone Email Comments
Apex Anodizing Portland, Oregon (503)235-9551 Does not do Beaver Orange Color, it comes out more gold. Has terrible quality control. Burned and scraped a part for us.
CG Industries Albany, Oregon (541)928-0735 Mentioned by Steve Adams, Cannot do Orange. Basic black anodize found on current robot boom was done by them. Prices were a little above average. Not recommended for parts that need to be done with high quality hard anodizing.
Duralectra Natick, Massachusetts (800)274-3388 Holds very good tolerances
Quality Metal Finishing Eugene, Oregon Office:(541)343-4534

Mike Cell:(541)520-3675

Mike Lowden

Anodizing company that Torley Precision, RAM-Z Fab, and King Machine uses. Mike Lauden is our contact. They are currently attempting to make us a good beaver orange color match for anodizing 6061 aluminum. Mike services this area twice a week, delivering and picking up jobs.