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Did you fix a spelling error? Write an article? Create a pretty image? If you answered yes to any of these, or made any other tiny contribution to the AP Biology wikibook, please sign your name here:

cnelson - Haha... I'm the first contributor. I started this out of a desire to learn biology, but not wanting to go out and buy a review book, as I felt it was inadequate for the price. I have since taken the AP Biology test, and must say I was well prepared. Waiting for my score now.
rroepke - I found this page while looking for study guides to AP Bio. I have written some of the things in here. I am currently taking AP Bio, and taking the exam in May.
ccny930 - Well, I'm not taking AP Biology anytime soon, but I've decided to contribute what little I know. That amounts to spelling corrections and adding definitions. Still, I hope this project expands so that I can learn more about biology at a college level.
Vartan Simonian - I feel guilty of bragging for signing my name here. :)
Bradfordw - I'm taking AP Bio right now and have been writing this wikibook as we go along