AEM EMS Guidebook/Tips and tricks when working with the EMS

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When getting a vehicle started from scratch with a base tune the first thing you need to tune is the main fuel table. It is also wise to look at your cold enrichment and throttle enrichment to make sure they are okay (meaning supplying a safe A/F ratio). Having the throttle modifier up will fight any changes you make to the base table. So, unless you have the modifer off at low throttle percentage, all your numbers will always be changing. After looking over the enrichment tables start tuning the base fuel table. The first thing you will want to do is tune neutral (to hit the low or no load cells) all the way up to max RPM. After that, start to work up slowly in load and work through the RPM ranges making sure to keep the numbers as smooth as possible. After all, the low load and part throttle mapping is done and you can tune WOT. If the vehicle is not knock limited or has high octane fuel then for tuning I recommend 11:1 for the A/F ratio. This is not a sell value but a span of best A/F ratio over time but flame speed is the fastest at just enrichment of 11:1. The slower the flame speed the more chance you have of abnormal combustion. depending on the vehicle more fuel may be needed at WOT to aid in the cooling effect, especially vehicles that have a huge thermal load put on them from a turbocharger. After the fuel map is done you can move to the ignition map.