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Compounds: H, O, H2, O2, OH, OH−, H2O, H3O+, H2O2.

Topic: combustion of H2 in O2

Media: explosion!


Compounds: Ca2C, Ca3N2, CaO, CaF2 -> CH4, NH3, H2O, HF

Topic: hydrolysis

Media: reaction of some oxide producing a basic solution visualised with phenolphthalein


Compounds: CO2, NO2, SO2 -> CO32-, NO3-, SO32- & SO3

Topic: atmospheric gases, redox

Media: acid rain from volcano and cars


Compounds: PF5, -> H3PO4, Al3+ -> Al(OH)4-

Topic: hydrolysis again

Media: dissolution of aluminium foil in a strong vase