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Manipulating Equations[edit]

Collecting Like Terms[edit]



Solving Equations[edit]

Changing the Subject of an Equation[edit]

  1. Solve for x.

  1. Solve for z.

  1. Solve for y.

  1. Solve for x.

  1. Solve for b.

Solving Quadratic Equations[edit]

Find the Roots of:

Simultaneous Equations[edit]

Example 1

At a record store, 2 albums and 1 single costs £10. 1 album and 2 singles cost £8. Find the cost of an album and the cost of a single.

Taking an album as and a single as , the two equations would be:

You can now solve the equations and find the individual costs.

Example 2

Tom has a budget of £10 to spend on party food. He can buy 5 packets of crisps and 8 bottles of drink, or he can buy 10 packets of crisps and 6 bottles of drink.

Taking a packet of crisps as and a bottle of drink as , the two equations would be:

Now you can solve the equations to find the cost of each item.

Example 3

At a sweetshop, a gobstopper costs 5p more than a gummi bear. 8 gummi bears and nine gobstoppers cost £1.64.

Taking a gobstopper as and a gummi bear as , the two equations would be: