A-level Mathematics/MEI/NM

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Numerical Methods[edit]

The Numerical Methods module provides an introduction into this new area of mathematics. In this module, you will study methods for basic algebra and calculus. You will study algorithms, and will be described geometrically and derived from first principles. This module is unique to the MEI spec


Assessment Structure[edit]

One exam of 1 hour 30 minutes, 72 marks in total. All questions should be answered.

  • Section A (36 marks): 5-7 questions, at most 8 marks each
  • Section B (36 marks): 2 questions, about 18 marks each.

One piece of coursework, worth 18 marks (20% of the total assessment for this unit). This should be an investigation of a problem suitable for numerical solution using one of the methods in this module. More details can be found towards the end of the NM section in the specification.

Assumed knowledge[edit]

Knowledge of C1 and C2 is assumed.