A-level Mathematics/Edexcel/Further 1

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Further Pure 1 (FP1) is a Further Mathematics module for the Edexcel Exam board. It expands upon the foundations of pure mathematics laid out in C1 and C2 and then introduces several new techniques. FP1 cannot contribute to the Mathematics A-level, but it does contribute towards the Further Mathematics A-level.

Note: This book is so you can gain an alternative explanation for the concepts described and it should NOT replace your FP1 textbook!

Topics Covered[edit | edit source]

  1. Introduction to Complex Numbers
  2. Complex Conjugate
  3. Arithmetic with Complex Numbers
  4. Graphical Representations of Complex Numbers
  5. The Modulus and Argument of Complex Numbers
  6. The Modulus-Argument form of Complex Numbers
  7. Using Complex Numbers as Roots of Polynomial Equations
  1. Example of proofs by induction involving summing series
  2. Example of a proof by induction involving Divisibility