A-level Mathematics/Edexcel/Decision 2

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Decision Mathematics 2 is an applied mathematics module for the Edexcel Examination Board, which builds upon the foundations of Decision Maths that were studied in the 'D1' module.

Note: This book is so you can gain an alternative explanation for the concepts described and it should NOT replace your D2 textbook!

Themes Covered in this Book[edit]

  • Flows in Networks
  1. Sinks, Sources and Flows
  2. Labelling Flows
  3. Flow Augmenting Paths
  4. Maximum Flows
  5. Minimum Cuts
  6. Multiple Sources and Sinks
  • Planarity of Graphs
  1. Planar Graphs
  2. The Planarity Algorithm
  • Transportation Problems
  1. The Transportation Problem (TP)
  2. Formulating TP as a Linear Programming Problem
  3. Solutions for the TP
  4. Optimality of Solution
  5. Unbalanced Problems
  6. Degeneracy of Solution
  1. Balanced Problems
  2. Formulating AP as a Linear Programming Problem
  3. Solution of the AP (Balanced)
  4. The Hungarian Algorithm
  5. Optimality of Solution
  6. Revision of the Opportunity Cost Matrix
  7. Unbalanced Assignment Problems
  8. Maximisation Assignment Problems
  • The Travelling Salesman Problem
  • The Simplex Algorithm
  • Game Theory
  • Dynamic Programming