A-level Graphic Products/Edexcel/Unit 3 :Designing for the Future/Design in context/Form and function

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Through out all of the design movements, there has been contrasting views of whether form or function is better. Currently in this society, form seems to be taking priority in products, function is still important, but if it's not aesthetically pleasing then it's not going to sell very well.

Comparison table of objects that contrast in priorities of function and form[edit]

Form follow Function
Depression Glass Juicer
Form Over Function
Philippe Starck Juicer
  • This is made of glass, and not the worst looking thing ever, but it's not been especially designed to look nice.
  • This has been especially designed to look nice.
  • It's been designed to look futuristic.
  • This is small so it can be stored in a small place
  • This has a tray to catch all of the juice.
  • This has one side funnelled out, this allows for the juice to be poured out.
  • This has a handle where you can pick it up from an area that wont have juice on it.
  • This is large, making it not idea to be stored in a small location.
  • This does funnel the juice down to the bottom, but then you'll need something at the bottom to catch it.