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AQA Geography Specification A[edit]

Geomorphology Hydrology Climatology

AQA GCE Geography Specification[edit]


AS of January 2009 and subsequent examinations, the new syllabus applies, see: specification.

The AS comprises two papers,

  • Unit 1: Physical and Human Geography (70% of AS, 35% of A-Level)
  • Unit 2: Geographical Skills (30% of AS, 15% of A-Level)

The A2 comprises two papers,

  • Unit 3: Contemporary Geographical Issues (60% of A2, 30% of A-Level)
  • Unit 4A: Geographical Fieldwork Investigation OR Unit 4B: Geographical Issue Evaluation (each worth 40% of A2, 20% of A-Level)

Physical and Human Geography[edit]


Optional Physical[edit]

Optional Human[edit]

Past Papers[edit]

Unit 1[edit]

Sample Questions:

Specimen Paper:

Unit 2[edit]