A-level French/Verbs/Future

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The simple Future[edit | edit source]

The simple future is formed by adding the endings (-ai, -as, -a, -ons, -ez, -ont) to the infinitive form of a verb. If the infinitive verb ends in -e, drop the final -e before adding the appropriate ending. The example will illustrate the translation of simple future in English: Je parlerai = I will talk/speak.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Je parlerai
Tu parleras
Il/Elle parlera
Nous parlerons
Vous parlerez
Ils/ Elles parleront
Je vendrai
Tu vendras
Il/Elle vendra
Nous vendrons
Vous vendrez
Ils/Elles vendront
Je finirai
Tu finiras
Il/Ell finira
Nous Finirons
Vous finirez
Ils/ Elles finiront

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