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The A-level Wise Children Study Guide

You are viewing the Wise Children Study Guide Wikibook. It is an attempt to provide a study guide for those reading Wise Children as their 'Modern Novel' for the AQA examination board (AS English Literature, Specification A - paper LTA1). I would be grateful for any additions to this Wikibook as it only takes a few dedicated contributors to make a really useful resource that students can use to study this text.

Narrative Techniques

Plot Summary

Past Paper Questions - There are currently 15 past paper questions listed

Model Answers - Model Answers and exam tips

Allusions to Shakespeare - There are 26 known references to different Shakespearean plays in Wise Children.

References to People and Books in Wise Children


Feminism - Feminism in Wise Children.

Angela Carter and Influences on Wise Children

Magical Realism and Bakhtin's Theory

Key Quotes - Useful quotations as the text cannot be taken into the examination.

Character Profiles

Understanding the complex family tree


Assessment Objectives[edit | edit source]

The ‘modern novel’ forms 30% of the A.S. grade and therefore 15% of the A-level grade. It is a closed book examination, which lasts one hour where you will be able to answer one question of the two that are available to you. Often one will be on a character or a theme and the other will involve analysing an extract.

You will be examined on different assessment objectives. Although the paper is marked out of twenty below are the weighting of each assessment objective as if the paper was out of thirty so that the numbers round to whole numbers. This should communicate that more emphasis is placed on some objectives than others.

AO1 Terminology (7 marks)

AO2 Knowledge (10 marks)

AO3 Structure/meaning (8 marks)

AO4 Your Opinion (5 marks)

See also[edit | edit source]

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wise_Children - The Wikipedia on 'Wise Children' may also prove useful to you.

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