A-level Computing/OCR AS text book

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The aim is to create a text book which will support the new A level course (OCR Level 3 Advanced subsidiary GCE in Computer Science H446).

Content for A Level:

Content of Computer systems (Component 01)

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1.1. The characteristics of contemporary processors, input, output and storage devices
1.1.1 Structure and function of the processor
1.1.2 Types of processor
1.1.3 Input, output and storage
1.2. Software and software development
1.2.1 System software
1.2.2 Applications generation
1.2.3 Software Development
1.2.4 Types of Programming Language
1.3. Exchanging data
1.3.1 Compression, Encryption and Hashing
1.3.2 Databases
1.3.3 Networks
1.3.4 Web Technologies
1.4. Data types, data structures and algorithms
1.4.1 Data Types
1.4.2 Data Structures
1.4.3 Boolean Algebra
1.5. Legal, moral, ethical and cultural issues
1.5.1 Computing related legislation
1.5.2 Ethical, moral and cultural issues

Content of Algorithms and programming (Component 02)

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2.1. Elements of computational thinking
2.1.1 Thinking abstractly
2.1.2 Thinking ahead
2.1.3 Thinking procedurally
2.1.4 Thinking logically
2.1.4 Thinking concurrently
2.2. Problem solving and programming
2.2.1 Programming techniques
2.2.2 Computational Methods
2.3 Algorithms
2.3.1 Algorithms