A-level Computing/Exam Tips

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This page contains a number of tips or hints that will be useful for the examinations:

  • Do not use brand names when answering exam questions. These will gain no credit, so give a generic answer (For example, use word processor rather than Microsoft Word)
  • Always give binary to the required number of bits, even if this means adding leading zeros
  • Ensure you consider the number of marks that can be awarded for the question. Each mark will normally be for different aspects i.e. a 2 mark question may be of the form - define XYZ (1st mark) and compare XYZ to ABC (2nd mark)
  • Structure your answer from general concept to any specific point. For instance, if asked how the computers in an office can share files, the answer would be "A network is required for computers to communicate with each other. An intranet should be set-up in star topology with a switch and a Network Interface Card (NIC) for each computer, to ensure optimum speed and reliability."
  • Attempt as many previous papers as possible and pay attention to the technical terms used in the mark scheme.
  • If the question asks for a specific number of points, do not attempt to answer more points. If the question asks for two points and the candidates answers four points, the first two would be taken as answers and graded accordingly.