A-level Computing/CIE/Theory Fundamentals/Communication and Internet technologies

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Client Side Server Model
It is a distributed communication framework within a network amongst clients and servers.
Server: Is a powerful computer running a server program managing the requests of the client
Client Are PCs or workstations which users run application. Clients rely on servers for resources such as files and devices

Web servers

  • Those server machines that provide services to other machines are servers
  • Machines that are used to connect to them are clients
  • A server machine may provide one or more service on the internet with a server software running on it to act as Web servers, email server, gaming serve or FTP.

Application of Client server model
When a bank customer accesses online banking services with a web browser (the client), the client initiates a request to the bank's web server. The customer's login credentials may be stored in a database , and the web server accesses the database server as a client. An application sever interprets the returned data and provides the output to the web server. Finally the web server returns the result to the client web browser for display
Software Utilization
Software programs usually run off both the Server and the Client.