A-level Computing/CIE/Further Problem Solving and Programming skills/Software development

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A-level Computing
Further Programming Software Development
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Stages of software development

  • show understanding that software development consists of a number of stages, including requirement identification, design, coding, testing, documentation and maintenance
  • show understanding that stages may overlap
  • show understanding of the possible role of program generators and program libraries in the development process


  • show awareness of why errors occur
  • show understanding of how testing can expose possible errors
  • appreciate the significance of testing throughout software development
  • show understanding of the methods of testing available: dry run, walkthrough, white-box, black-box, integration, alpha, beta, acceptance
  • show understanding of the need for a test strategy and test plan and their likely contents
  • choose appropriate test data (normal, abnormal and extreme/boundary) for a test plan

Project management

  • show understanding that large developments will involve teams
  • show understanding of the need for project management
  • show understanding of project planning techniques including the use of GANTT and Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) charts
  • describe the information that GANTT and PERT charts provide
  • construct and edit GANTT and PERT charts