A-level Computing/CIE/Advanced Theory/Monitoring and control systems

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A-level Computing
Security Monitoring and Control systems

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  • show understanding of the difference between a monitoring system and a control system
  • show understanding of the hardware (sensors, actuators) that are required to build these systems
  • show understanding of the software requirements of these systems
  • show understanding of the importance of feedback in a control system
  • Bit manipulation to monitor and control devices
  • show understanding of how bit manipulation can be used to monitor/control a device
  • carry out bit manipulation operations: test a bit and set a bit (using bit masking) using the instructions from Section 1.4.3 and those listed below
  • show understanding of how to make use of appropriate bit manipulation in a monitoring/control system

Please note that this section is likely to be moved to AS level in 2021.