A-level Computing/AQA/Computer Systems, Programming and Network Concepts

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This is the Computer Systems, Programming and Network Concepts module of the A-level Computing Book. This module consists of four chapters listed below with their short summaries. Please follow the links to learn out more about each section.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  1. Introduction to Computer Systems 75% developed  as of Sep 24, 2006 (Sep 24, 2006)
    An introduction to the hardware components of a computer system and the different types of software. Overview of the interaction between software and hardware, binary notation in computers and execution of the processor.
  2. Introduction to Programming 50% developed  as of Sep 25, 2006 (Sep 25, 2006)
  3. Introduction to Information and Data Representation 25% developed  as of Sep 26, 2006 (Sep 26, 2006)
  4. Introduction to Communication and Networking