A-level Chemistry/OCR (Salters)/Visiting the Chemical Industry

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An oil refinery at night

Visiting the Chemical Industry is the fourteenth and final unit in the Salters Advanced Chemistry course.

Chemical Storylines sections[edit]

  • VCI1: Introduction
  • VCI2: Research and development
  • VCI3: Building the chemical plant
  • VCI4: People
  • VCI5: Safety matters
  • VCI6: Environmental issues
  • VCI7: Location
  • VCI8: Choosing a feedstock
  • VCI9: Making a profit
  • VCI10: Summary

Chemical Ideas sections[edit]

  • 15.1 The operation of a chemical manufacturing process
  • 15.2 Feedstocks
  • 15.3 The best conditions for the process
  • 15.4 Becoming even more efficient
  • 15.5 Costs


  • VCI1 Your visit to the chemical industry
  • VCI7 Setting up a new chemical plant
  • VCI10 Check your notes on Visiting the Chemical Industry

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