A-level Applied Science/Physics of Performance Effects

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About this Unit[edit | edit source]

From the AQA Specification:

You need to produce a portfolio of evidence which considers how light and sound can be used in a performance and the science behind the design of a lighting and sound system in a performance you attended.

Your portfolio of evidence should comprise:

A. a design for a sound system and appropriate control system for a venue you have chosen.

B. a design for a lighting set-up and control system for a performance, or part of a performance, of your choice.

C. a description and evaluation of a sound and lighting system used

in a performance you have attended.

How you will be assessed[edit | edit source]

This unit is assessed through the work you complete for your portfolio.

The marking criteria are found in the AQA specification.

What you need to know[edit | edit source]

The nature of sound and its application to sound systems.

Sound control systems

The nature of light and its application to lighting systems

Lighting control systems

Evaluating a performance