21 Expected Difficult Questions With Simple Answers/Sexuality

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Some of the questions might be really disturbing, But that's the purpose of this book to collect and answer those difficult and tricky questions. Currently, this page contains questions related to the LGBTIQ+ community only but we intend to add more questions to cover the maximum of the sexual behaviors and identities.

Why members of Hijda community prefer begging over paid work?[edit | edit source]

--> Hijda community from the Asian continent is a culturally recognized community of the local population. Culturally they are part of Hindu and Muslim rituals like birth of a child and marriage. Members of the community come to bless the newborn and also identify the sex of the newborn. Similarly, they also bless the newlywed couple and sing songs to praise the local deity and celebrate the auspicious moment. Hijda community was also assumed to be in possession of supernatural powers to bless and curse, an ability achieved through their sacrifice of manhood and worship of various goddesses. In return, for their services hijda community members were paid hefty amounts. But such big events don't really come every day. So, to fulfill their everyday needs they use to beg. As only who were forbidden from possessing any assets including land were earning their livelihood by begging. So sages, priests, and hijdas who were worshippers too made living by begging. And in ancient India begging was a holy way of earning a living. With changing times and newly accepted victorian morality in the last couple of centuries we lost the prestige. But with the increased taboo on hijda community, they were forced to do only and only begging. Now there are many hijdas who are well educated and well trained in many trades and are struggling to fetch jobs in their respected fields.

People from the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community spread diseases like AIDS?[edit | edit source]

--> Sexually transmitted diseases(STDs), AIDS, and HIV spread through unsafe sexual practices. And It is very much established that the actual group of society that engages in unsafe sexual practices is heterosexual males. Heterosexual males are the ones who are involved with male or female sex workers, wives, and homosexual men as a common thread. So if ask the question who is super spreader here then, the answer would be "heterosexual male" Given the burden of advocacy and other awareness works done around these issues. Many queers and members of the LGBTIAQ+ community are into safe sexual practices. Importantly many of them don't even go for penetrative sex.

No matter what you say about it, talking about all this is obscene and not so good[edit | edit source]

-> Talking about sexuality, sexual acts, sexual orientation, sexual desires, and sexual health is necessary to live a healthy and peaceful life. Talking about sexuality also makes us aware of issues of sexual health, and reproductive health.

As IPC377 was repealed in India, so can gays get married to each other?[edit | edit source]

-> IPC377 was about the criminalization of gay sex. Before two men could not engage in anal/oral sex. But now they can do it, given the condition that they are consenting adults and they are doing it in private.

Gay lesbians can not produce children so they are unnatural[edit | edit source]


Gays and Lesbians achieve sexual pleasure through unnatural ways[edit | edit source]

--> Anal/oral sex are the ways in which they satisfy themselves if they want to do penetrative sex at all. Otherwise, most and even many heterosexuals seek pleasure through non-penetrative sexual acts. Our view of penetrative that too peno-vaginal sex is a normal and natural way to seek sexual pleasure is wrong. Not all of them heterosexuals prefer it. So if some homosexual couples choose to go for anal/oral sex, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Gay, lesbian and Queer its all western influences, We Indians do not have such weird things[edit | edit source]

--> Yes these words are definitely English and came from the west, but such identities always existed in all the non-western parts of the world. In India, we have a long history of all sorts of queer individuals playing important roles in all walks of life. Shikhandi, Arjuni, Ayyappa are a few examples of this.

What is gay? Why all of them are so feminine/girlish?[edit | edit source]

-> Not all but many homosexual men identify themselves as gay and in old English lesbian women were called gay women. Most of them are not feminine/girlish in fact very few are. Sexual orientation has very little to do with their gender expression.

What is hijda? why they are so loud[edit | edit source]

--> Most of the transgenders and especially from the non-western world, transgender communities existed for ages. And currently, they are forced to be in closets in their own worlds so that they won't pollute

Is gay and Hijda/transgender the same?[edit | edit source]

-> Usually those homosexual men who have access to modern English vocabulary and western culture tend to identify themselves with the identity of gay. Those who identify with the opposite gender than they were assigned at birth are transgenders. In the case of hijda those who are born as a male/assigned male at birth but now identify themselves as a woman and have access to the local hijda culture and identify themselves as hijda. So gay and hijda are totally different.

Why all gays are feminine and all lesbians manly?[edit | edit source]

--> It's a myth that gays are feminine and all lesbians manly. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with the kind of gender expression one might have. feminine males may or may not be gay, similarly, lesbians may or may not be masculine in their gender expression. We need to understand that being overtly manly or feminine has nothing to do with their sexual orientations. But which gender they prefer for their intimate desires decides what is their sexual orientation.

What genitals Hijdas have?[edit | edit source]

-> Hijda/Male-to-female transgenders may have anything in between their legs. that doesn't define them as transgenders but identifying themselves as transgender does. So gender identity is something self define. No other person has any right to define or force any gender identity on any person. So even in the case of intersex persons, it is advocated that the person born with ambiguous genitals should not be operated on until they are adults and they give consent to the surgeries.

Why all the transgender/Hijdas are so loud in their behavior and expressions?[edit | edit source]

-> Not many hijdas are loud by themselves. There are many hijdas who are working as professionals and being business owners, receptionists, and security guards they have already reached dignified positions so their voice is heard and they can keep social civility in their behavior. But many are not that fortunate Hijda community, and transgenders, in general, are kept unheard for long. until they start loud, there is less chance that they will be noticed at all. So to be able to start the communication they need to be loud.

Why transgenders/Hijdas begg? Why can't they work?[edit | edit source]


How lesbians satisfy each other? how do they achieve pleasure when they both are women and lack penis?[edit | edit source]

What is rape? Can men be raped?[edit | edit source]

--> Sexual act forced upon someone against their will. Legal definition of rape requires