21 Expected Difficult Questions With Simple Answers/Gender and Feminism

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What is feminism?[edit | edit source]

--> Feminism is a belief system/way of life/ideology that enables one to think, interrogate and act upon social differences, and discrimination. And try and make the world around a better place by bringing equality and justice. It was started with the aim of ending gender discrimination.

Feminists are man-haters?[edit | edit source]

Why all feminist women smoke?[edit | edit source]

All feminists are women? can men be feminists?[edit | edit source]

-> Yes, anyone can be a feminist as it doesn't matter at all. What makes you feminist is whether you question and work towards decreasing the gender hierarchies.

What is political lesbianism?[edit | edit source]

--> Its a stream of feminism started by radical feminists. Which believes

What is gender?[edit | edit source]

--> Gender is a socio-cultural set of roles one identifies with in order to function, behave, communicate and carry on many other social activities. ex feminine, masculine, trans, pan, agender. etc.

What is patriarchy?[edit | edit source]

What is hetro-patriarchy?[edit | edit source]

Is feminism a liberal side of capitalism? As many Marxists claim it to be?[edit | edit source]