21 Expected Difficult Questions With Simple Answers/Ecology

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We are producing less carbon by not using vehicles/not burning fossil fuel[edit | edit source]

Solar power is environmentally friendly?[edit | edit source]

--> Solar power needs solar panels/cells which are made after the extraction of many rare metals and we need a massive amount of fossil fuel to make these panels/cells. Then another component is batteries which are essential to the use of solar power. Batteries are made of many toxic chemicals which are difficult to obtain and then almost life-threatening to living beings and other beings on earth.

Using electric vehicles environment friendly?[edit | edit source]

--> This is precisely similar to the solar power issue. There are a number of issues as follows which make electric vehicles bad options in the current scenario.

  • E-vehicles need batteries.
  • Electricity needs fossil fuels, atomic fuel, or solar power.
  • Battery becomes almost half of the cost of the vehicle and after battery life ends which eventually

Going vegan is the only option to safeguard animal rights?[edit | edit source]

Milk is vegetarian or non-vegetarian food?[edit | edit source]