21 Expected Difficult Questions With Simple Answers/Caste

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What is caste anyways?[edit | edit source]


Caste based reservations are right or wrong?[edit | edit source]

-> In Maharashtra We have following reservations in Place Template:Pie chart


Inter-caste marriages are right or wrong?[edit | edit source]


Why can't we destroy caste? or education is enough to end caste system?[edit | edit source]


Nowadays we don't follow caste, so as per my opinion there is no caste discrimination now?[edit | edit source]


I don't believe in caste, but if "those people" keep pushing their caste, will it end?[edit | edit source]

-> I want to ask you a few questions and you will have to answer them for yourself, at the end, you will find out whether Do you actually follow caste or not?

  • Your spouse/lover/intimate partner is of the same caste as yours? or similar to your caste?
  • Maximum of your friends/peers with whom you usually hang out are from the same caste as yours?
  • Your food habits/language identifiable to your caste/community?
  • You believe and follow all the codes around holy-unholy, purity, chastity, virginity, etc
  • You are following and feel that everyone should carry their caste occupations

What is the Atrocity act? Is the atrocity act getting misused?[edit | edit source]

-> The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 is an act of India. Which was enacted to safeguard the rights of STs and SCs. There are hardly any instances where it was proven in court that this act was used wrongly. In fact, the chart sheet rate and execution rate for such cases are ridiculously low, and even use of this act is in question let alone misuse.