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My personal information and story are no longer important enough to be at the top of my user page...

Wikibooks is, despite what others may say, at a turning point. It is on the verge of actually becoming great. However, before any of this can happen, certain policies and guidelines should be in place. Why these were never enforced is a mystery, and complete failure at the beginning of Wikibooks. Some of the missing policies are as follows (If the link goes blue, that does not mean it is enforced. It is probably still a proposed policy... Go express your support!):

Missing Wikibooks policies[edit]

Some of the ideas these policies are based on are present, but they need their own policy.

  • And while not exactly a missing policy, Wikibooks:Dispute resolution is very needed. Shouldn't this be in place before we actually need it too badly?

Incomplete policies (my opinion)[edit]

Personal stuff[edit]

I have spent a lot of time over at the English Wikipedia. Normally the best way to contact me is over there at my talk page. Please see Lord Voldemort for my Wikipedia user page and connected talk page.

I think this user page is extremely boring. Feel free to change it and make it beautiful, I encourage it. Just don't omit too much of the info already here. Thanks.

I originally just created this account to reserve my name. However, I fell in with the Wikijunior crowd and just love it. I think it could be a very wonderful resource for children. I have spent most of my time at Wikibooks trying to do work with the Wikijunior Big Cats project. Something that could be very interesting, in my opinion.

Ummm... other than that, please see me at Wikipedia to know me better.

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