ROBLOX Game Development/Notes

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This page contains notes about development of the book.

Writing and style[edit]

  • All headers and titles, except the title of the book itself, should use sentence case.
  • The book should be self-contained, but it's fine to add links to other books or Wikipedia, as long as these links are only used for supplementary material.
  • Variable names should be enclosed in <var>...</var> tags.
  • When terms are defined in nearby text, they should be enclosed in <dfn>...</dfn> tags.
  • Keyboard keys that the user is instructed to press should be enclosed in <kbd>...</kbd> tags.
  • Emphasis should be marked using <em>...</em> and <strong>...</strong> tags or using wiki markup for italics or bold.
  • Code keywords or inline code should be enclosed in <code>...</code> tags.
  • Code examples should use syntax highlighting with the <source>...</source> tag. Code should be indented and easy to read, and variable names should accurately represent their value.
  • Code output should be enclosed in <samp>...</samp> tags.