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बी = Seed pronounced as B
बी = Seed pronounced as B
  • Pronunciation as of English alphabet B same pronunciation is in Marathi as बी = In Marathi बी means seed (of any plant; for singular usage only, plural is different we will not get in to plural at this stage)
  • Note pronunciation of English word "Bee" is also similar.
  • Remember pronunciation बी is not necessarily as of other words starting with B
  • Remember pronunciation बी consonant ब् as in 'Bucket'; so just ब् is without vowel. To make sound as in English word Bee vowel sound ई 's is added to consonant ब् with ी sign. Hence, ब् + ी = बी
  • We learned:
  • Consonant ब्
    • Series of this consonant : प्, फ्, ब्, भ् , म्
  • and vowel sign to go with consonants ी for vowel ई ; In English many spellings with ee like Bee, See, Pee contain longer sound like ई ( ी) also few English words with single e like 'me' have longer ई ( ी) vowel sound. (Sounds formed with English i vowel are usually shorter like 'big', 'pig' are shown in Marathi with different vowel इ ( ि) ; To make the difference more clearer; English word 'keen' contains longer vowel pronunciation as of ई ( ी) and word 'kin' has shorter pronunciation as of इ ( ि) )
    • Vowels in Marathi language अ, आ, इ, ई = ी , उ, ऊ, , ऐ, ओ, औ, ऋ,ॠ, ऌ,ॡ, ॲ, ऑ