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Web-portal "State Services"
Multilanguage - Russian, - English, - German, - French
Mobile versionAndroid or IOS application
AccountRegistration is needed
Social NetworksNo
Official website:

The web portal "State Services" (Gosuslugi) - is one of the key elements of the national e-government infrastructure. It provides access to information about state and municipal services in the Russian Federation, provides an opportunity to order state services in electronic form, pay electronically fines, debts, state duties and housing services, sign up for admission to the office and assess the quality of the services provided.

E-services[edit | edit source]

The State Services portal include 21 ministries, 62 institutions, 11 web sites.

State services are grouped into five categories:

  • for citizens:
    • family and children (marriage, motherhood, benefits to large families);
    • passports, registration, visas (citizenship and entry into the Russian Federation, citizen registration);
    • transport and driving (automobile, water and air transport);
    • education (preschool, secondary and higher);
    • taxes and finances (TIN, tax debts, declarations and income);
    • my health (getting medical help, registering a disability);
    • pension, benefits and benefits (pension accruals and benefits for all categories of citizens);
    • licenses, certificates, accreditations (industry, professional and personal certificates, certificates, extracts and licenses);
    • apartment, building and land (housing and communal services, registration of rights, cadastral registration and construction);
    • security and law and order (legal debts, weapons registration, security activities;
    • work and employment (professional licensing, employee insurance and assistance to the unemployed);
    • culture, leisure, sport (services related to libraries, tourism, hunting and sports);
    • business, entrepreneurship, NCO execution entrepreneurship and other organizations);
    • production and trade (production, customs, trade and consumer rights);
    • information, communication and advertising (information technology, media and radio electronic means);
    • nature management and ecology (water resources, subsoil use, cartography).
  • for legal entities and entrepreneurs:
    • security and law and order (weapons registration, security activities);
    • labor and professional activity (employee insurance, labor law, professional licensing);
    • information, communication and advertising (information technology, media, radio electronic means);
    • transport and transportation (road, water and air transport);
    • medicine and medicine (control of medical and pharmaceutical activities);
    • production, industry and trade (licenses and certifications of production and goods, customs, energy);
    • construction, land, property (registration of rights, cadastral registration and construction);
    • economy and antimonopoly control;
    • culture, education, leisure (cultural values and tourism);
    • nature management and ecology (water resources, subsoil use, cartography);
    • registers of organizations and information (registration and issuance of information from the registers of organizations and objects);
    • licenses, certificates, permits (licenses for all activities, certificates and standards);
  • for foreign citizens:
    • find out your TIN;
    • appointment with a doctor;
    • motor fines;
    • certificate of criminal record;
    • recognition of foreign documents on education;
    • a statement on the provision of social assistance;
    • issue of passes to the border zone;
    • receipt of the FSB archival certificate;
    • consultation on labor law.
  • for state and commercial partners.

Registration on the portal "State services"[edit | edit source]

To access all portal services, you must register and receive a Confirmed account. You can register in three ways:

  • On the portal itself;
  • Online in online banking Sberbank, Tinkoff, Post Bank;
  • In the Service Centers.