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This template adds the page to the category:Trainz pages needing attention and the maintenance Category:Trainz section stubs.

  • It will also display additional text passed in by the parameters fix, need, or 'Fix' to describe the next evolution or changes needed.

  • Place the template on a page within a section that needs completion and define one of these {{{Fix}}}, |need=, or |fix= (three equivalent in effect) parameters to add a second line or additional lines (a list, perhaps!) which details the work remaining, or outlines what is intended going forward with a future edit.
  • Define the parameter ''|sort=somestring or |p=something to affect the way (order) the page's title is listed in the auto-categories Category:Trainz section stubs and category:Trainz pages needing attention.
  • The default sort string is defined by the logic: {{{sort|{{{p|{{SUBPAGENAME}},{{CHAPTERNAME}} }}} }}} as the default sorting auto-categories pipetrick.
  • The parameters 'Fix' and 'fix' are preferred defined, but are not strictly necessary. If not given, the template truncates just before the vertical line above the Work needed: boilerplate subtitle gimmicked into displaying a dummy message in this example.
  • The exception parameter 'example' if defined as yes, or the parameter 'inhibit' (defined at all) suppresses auto-categorization of the page.
    This is intended to display the template in how-to pages for editors.