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Usage[edit source]

This template uses a parser function to create the table start and finish. The general syntax is:

{{Japanese conversation|begin}}
{{Japanese conversation
 | ja      = 
 | japanese= 
 | en      = 
 | english = 
{{Japanese conversation|break|Here we make a quick break before continuing}}
{{Japanese conversation|end}}

Example[edit source]

MediaWiki syntax Displays as
{{Japanese conversation|begin}}
{{Japanese conversation
 | ja = Satoshi
 | japanese= ohayō gozaimasu
 | jascript= おはようございます
 | en = Satoshi
 | english = Good morning
{{Japanese conversation|break|The two boys stare at each other past noon.}}
{{Japanese conversation
 | ja = Tomodachi
 | japanese= konnichiwa
 | jascript= {{ruby|今日|こんにち}}は
 | en = A friend
 | english = Good afternoon
{{Japanese conversation|end}}
Japanese English
Satoshi:ohayō gozaimasuSatoshi:Good morning
The two boys stare at each other past noon.
Tomodachi:konnichiwaA friend:Good afternoon