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Ajax[edit | edit source]

ERCalendar[edit | edit source]

Publish iCal files

ERChangeNotificationJMS[edit | edit source]

When deploying an application over multiple instances and machines, you need to be able to keep your Enterprise Objects in sync with each other. By including the ERChangeNotificationJMS framework achieves this with a couple of configuration settings in your Properties file.

ERCoreBusinessLogic[edit | edit source]

ERDirectToWeb[edit | edit source]

DynaReporting[edit | edit source]

ERExtensions[edit | edit source]

WOF Extensions[edit | edit source]

Additional WOComponents[edit | edit source]

EO Stuff[edit | edit source]

Logging[edit | edit source]

Utilities[edit | edit source]

ExcelGeneration[edit | edit source]

ERJavaMail[edit | edit source]

ERJavaMail provides an API for sending component based emails. For more information, see the ERJavaMail page.

Pay Pal[edit | edit source]

SVGObjects[edit | edit source]

SVGObjects is a framework for building Web 2.0 applications (with SVG UIs) in WebObjects

WOOgnl[edit | edit source]

Validity[edit | edit source]