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AjaxInPlaceEditor provides a WOTextField-like wrapper around the Scriptaculous In-Place Editor. This control provides rich-text editing with an optional on-the-fly replacement of rendered HTML text (i.e. toggleable edit mode).

A demo of the Scriptaculous In-Place Editor is available here.

Wonder Bindings[edit]
  • value (required) - the value of the editor's content
  • elementName - the name of the HTML element containing the text ("div" or "span")
  • class - the CSS class of the HTML element containing the text
  • id - the ID of the HTML element containing the text
  • dateformat - a date formatter (like WOTextField) for handling date values
  • numberformat - a number formatter (like WOTextField) for handling number formats
  • formatter - a formatter (like WOTextField) for handling other formats
  • useDecimalNumber - whether or not to use BigDecimals
Scriptaculous Bindings[edit]

Scriptaculous Documentation

  • okButton
  • okText
  • cancelLink
  • cancelText
  • savingText
  • clickToEditText
  • formId
  • externalControl
  • rows
  • onComplete
  • onFailure
  • cols
  • size
  • highlightcolor
  • highlightendcolor
  • savingClassName
  • formClassName
  • loadTextURL
  • loadingText
  • callback
  • submitOnBlur
  • ajaxOptions
Fixing charset encoding problems[edit]

On your Application constructor call setDefaultEncoding("UTF-8"), this will fix encoding problems when using AjaxInPlaceEditor.