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The inputdriver is currently in development in a separate development branch, so it is not part of the current development snapshots.

The inputdriver allows a user the use of things like a gamepad or a 3D-Mouse in OpenSCAD.

Currently, the following drivers are in development:

  • HIDAPI - Used on MacOS and Windows - needs the USB IDs / it works on Linux too, but needs additional privileges, so it's not ideal for the user
  • Joystick driver - uses the Linux joystick device (currently fixed /dev/input/js0)
  • SpaceNav driver - using the spacenavd daemon
  • DBus driver - Linux only / not for actual devices but for remote control
  • QGamepad - used for Cross-platform joystick support

The default axis mapping is for 3D-mices.

Joystick and gamepads[edit]


Almost any controller that your Linux computer recognizes should work

The JoystickInputDriver is using the device /dev/input/js0.

Under Ubuntu Linux, you need the packet joystick for joystick support.

QGamepad can also be used, but is not recommended as the QGamepad Driver makes assumptions about the Gamepad that might not be true.


QGamepad works well with XBox 360 controllers

Under Windows, you can use QGamepad as a driver.



On Linux, the easiest way with the Space Mouse Wireless is interestingly to go though the Joystick driver which is normally enabled on most systems.


spacenav is also supported.

sudo apt-get  spacenavd

(requires restart)


OpenSCAD interacts directly with the 3D Mouse using the HIDAPI.

Therefor, the driver from the device manufacturer is not required. If the driver of the device manufacturer is installed, the driver has to be stopped, so that OpenSCAD can claim the device.

Mac OS[edit]


Which button is which[edit]

Open the preferences, then go to the button tab then press the button you want to assign.

The text next to the relevant ComboBox will be shown in red, bold text.

view is drifting[edit]

If your view is drifting, please recalibrate the neutral position and deadzone of your input device. This can be done within OpenSCAD or with the tools of the operating system.

where are my settings stored?[edit]