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About the ImagePlane node[edit]

ImagePlane node

To add an image to the 3D world we need first to associate a plane to the image. The ImagePlane node does that, it represents a 2D plane in the 3D space with a image associated. The image plane can then be manipulated in the same way a plane is manipulated in a 3D space.

The image plane has the same size as the input image.

There are 2 inputs, the first one, in green, accepts a image. The second input connects to any 3D node.


ImagePlane parameters


The Image plane can be scale on the x and y axis. To resize an image plane and keep the image aspect ratio just set the same scale values for both x and y scale parameteres.


The pivot point is the point around which the image plane rotates. By default the pivot value is 0,0, corresponding to the left bottom corner of the image plane. The controls offset the pivot from the left bottom corner.

Press Center to center the pivot point with the image plane.


The example below adds a image to the 3D world.

Adding footage to 3D Scene