Media Centers Based on Wyplayer/Hardware

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This multimedia disks are built with very similar hardware to any computer but less performance and smaller size. Although the component specification is not public, some users have been finding out parts and illustrating the various components.

Chipset[edit | edit source]

Probably, device's chipset is a ST Micro 7109. This chipset provides JTAG/TAP interface.

You can find chip specification at:

Pics of CMT2D (non-wifi version)[edit | edit source]

By opening the box, the following hardware can be seen:

Board Components of CMT2D (non-wifi version)[edit | edit source]

As you can see in the image below, the components identified so far in a CMT2D are:

Component Description Link
FLASH MEMORY Samsung Semiconductor - K9F2G08U0A-PCBOO - NAND Flash
Other FLASH MEMORY (symbol in pic------>  ?) Spansion - S29GL064N - NAND Flash
HD INTERFACE SST - SST55VD020 - ATA Flash Disk Controller