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This is a plan for propadeutic (preparatory) lessons teaching the student the Korean script and its pronunciation (including letter combinations). The goal is to introduce letters one by one so as not to overwhelm the student. In order to raise his confidence and provide feelings of success, words used for illustration and exercises shall mostly be understandable without any knowledge of Korean: Korean words that come from English, Korean words that other languages adopted, common transliterations of English personal names and names of countries or places whose name is not very different in Korean.

The student is assumed to have no previous knowledge of Korean. Each lesson will teach a few letters and then give some words from this list in order to practise reading. Upon successfully recognising all the letters of a word, he should be able to recognise the word itself. For example, "가나" is recognizable because it's so similar to the English words "Ghana". "독일" is not recognizable because the English word is "Germany" and doesn't resemble the Korean transliteration.

A list of recognizable Korean words has already been created below. Feel free to add more recognizable words to the list in order to help find a suitable order of letters and to provide material for more exercises.

Complete lessons[edit | edit source]

Incomplete lessons[edit | edit source]

Lesson 6[edit | edit source]

doubled letters, remaining diphthongs

  • Botswana 보츠와나
  • Paraguay 파라과이
  • Ottawa 오타와
  • Nicaragua 니카라과
  • Guam 괌
  • Uruguay 우루과이
  • Sears Tower 시어스 타워
  • Quebec 퀘벡
  • Ecuador 에콰도르
  • Malawi 말라위
  • Norway 노르웨이
  • Rwanda 르완다
  • Sweden 스웨덴
  • Switzerland 스위스
  • Tunisia 튀니지
  • Zimbabwe 짐바브웨
  • Brussels 브뤼셀
  • Gwangju 광주 (alternatively: Kwangju)
  • Washington 워싱턴
  • sandwich 샌드위치
  • shower 샤워
  • sweater 스웨트
  • taekwondo 태권도
  • walkman 워크맨
  • Won 원 (Korean currency)
  • Broadway 브로드웨이
  • SsangYong 쌍용
  • New Brunswick 뉴브런즈윅
  • Prince Edward Island 프린스에드워드아일랜드
  • Delaware 델라웨어
  • Hawaii 하와이
  • Iowa 아이오와
  • Washington 워싱턴
  • West Virginia 웨스트버지니아
  • Wisconsin 위스콘신
  • Wyoming 와이오밍

Summary[edit | edit source]

table showing all letters, summary of all rules, extra words for practise