A History of Japan: From Mythology to Nationhood/Structure

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This page is designed to give guidance on the basic structure on the wikibook Japanese History. There may be some parts of this page you disagree with in which case it would be good if changes could be discussed on the discussions page of Japanese History. Please do not add heading when there is nothing under them. Any Pages Which are unfinished, renamed from the original structure or not worth being added to a finished book shall be removed. It is necessary to realise that although the project continues to evolve it must stay in a state which can be read easily as a book ie don't add chapters outlining what you will write but create them in the sandbox.

Chapter Headings

[edit | edit source]

Chapter headings should be done by era name. These chapter headings should be designed to show the content of the page within the book as a while. It should be designed to show on era as a whole with headings within the chapter dividing the chapter up. ie "World War II" is better than Many chapters at the level of "The Battle of Midway".

The chapter headings I would recommend for now until the amount of information in one chapter is such that it could be considered a suitable candidate to become two chapters is this:


Prehistory through the Jomon Period

The Yayoi Period

The Kofun or Yamato Period

The Asuka Period

The Nara Period

The Spread of Buddhism in Japan

The Early Heian Period

The Middle Heian Period

The Late Heian Period

The Kamakura Period

The Kenmu Restoration

The Nanboku-chō Period

The Muromachi Period

The Warring States Period

The Azuchi–Momoyama Period

The Edo Period

The Meiji Restoration

The Meiji Period

The Taisho Period

The Rise of Militarism

World War II

The American Occupation of Japan

Post-War Japan

Japan Today

These headings are designed to be easy for someone new to this subject to follow.

If you disagree with anything in here, and would like to change anything please discuss this here before editing the structure of this book or {{Japanese HistoryTOC}}.