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This lesson introduces the sentence structure and vocabulary to describe where things are.

Before you start, make sure you've read the module on pro-forms for an explanation of these prepositions, and learnt how to use the particles "は", "の", and "に" as well as the difference between "います" and "あります".

Asking "where"[edit]

To ask about the location of someone or something you ask:

Where is ~?

depending on whether the subject is animate or inanimate.


English Japanese Reading Notes
front まえ
back 後ろ うしろ
above, on うえ
below した
inside なか

Sentence pattern[edit]

〜 は 〜 の

  • Note: ~の上に often means "on the ~".
ねこはテーブルの上にいます。 — The cat is on the table.
山田さんはビルの中にいます。 — Mr. Yamada is inside the building.
ボールは箱の中にあります。 — The ball is inside the box.