Introduction to Library and Information Science/Chapter 6. Information Organization

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“Dewey Services.” [Online] Available at (Accessed January 15, 2004.) is the website to introduce and order the Dewey Decimal Classification services available online or in print form. In this site it gives a brief history of DDC, formats available for this classification system, services received when ordering and many other links related to the DDC. The service can be ordered separately or as an enhancement to being and OCLC member (which is where this site originates from). The DDC is in its 22nd edition and is the “world’s most widely used classification system.” It can be ordered in a four-volume print version, as full WebDewey or an abridged print or web version which is better for smaller collections. Membership includes updates on its web versions quarterly, and a semiannual DDC newsletter, offers to conferences and workshops, OCLC articles and case studies. This website is very simple to use. It is not too complicated and gets to the point if your library has a need for it. It doesn’t have a lot of “bells and whistles” but has what is necessary and is simple to follow. As it pertains to the chapter the information this site provides is a basic source to use when learning about DDC. The Dewey Decimal system is such a huge part of so many libraries it is hard to think of not having such a well structure organizational tool to use.