Introduction to Library and Information Science/Annotation of Bushman, John. “Asking the Right Questions about Information Technology.”

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Bushman, John. “Asking the Right Questions about Information Technology.” American Libraries 21 (December 1990): 1026 – 1030.

According to John Bushman the right questions to ask about information technology are: Why is it good for libraries, librarians, or the public? And where will it lead us? It is the librarian’s job to ask these questions and become involved in finding the answers. Another point he conveyed was the fact that any and all technological advances need to be approached with a critical point of view and the knowledge that it very well might cause social and political consequences. Librarians need to know how to be able to tell the difference between a technology that will harm or help the library.

Funding, getting the public involved with the change in technology, getting them to deal with the positive and negative effects of change, and making sure the librarians are able to handle the pressures are all ways of becoming involved with finding the answers about information technology and the future of libraries. In my opinion, all change is scary especially if it is unfamiliar. It is part of the librarian’s job to try to make this adjustment as smooth and comfortable as possible. From everything that I am learning about, a librarian’s job is a very versatile and important position. I knew that technological advances where posing challenges in libraries but I didn’t realize it was to this extent. This article was just one more example of this for me.--KS libraries are the soul of academic institutions.