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Type:Herbaceous perennials
Weediness:Self seed freely

Aquilegia (columbine) is a genus of about 60-70 species of herbaceous perennial plants that are found in meadows, woodlands, and at higher altitudes throughout the Northern Hemisphere. They are known for their distinctive flowers, generally bell-shaped, with each petal modified into an elongated nectar spur.

Several species are grown in gardens; Aquilegia vulgaris (European Columbine) is a traditional garden flower in the British Isles, and several of the species that are native to North America are popular garden plants there. Numerous hybrids have also been developed as well. Easy to propagate from seed.

The traditional colors of lavender/blue columbines are the official Colorado state flower.

Description[edit | edit source]

Growing Conditions[edit | edit source]

Full sun to part shade in fertile, well-drained soils.

Species[edit | edit source]

Uses[edit | edit source]

Often used as "filler" plants between later blooming perennials.

Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Monitor carefully for sawflies. Remove any leaves with leafminer tunnels as soon as they are apparent.

Propagation[edit | edit source]

Seed or division

Harvest[edit | edit source]

Flowers are best cut in the morning, and keep well in a cool location.

Seed pods can be used in dry arrangements, either dried on the plant or hung green.

Pests and Diseases[edit | edit source]

Leaf Spots

  • Ascochyta aquilegiae
  • Cersospora aquilegiae
  • Septoria aquilegiae

Crown Rots

Root Rots


  • Puccinia redondita var. agropyri








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