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Chapter Seven - Transportation[edit]

Many of the following examples are taken from the German language guide by Richard Kölbl: Färöisch Wort für Wort. Bielefeld, 2004.

Going on a trip[edit]

  • Where are you going to?: Hvagar fert tú? (Vahar fair-dooh)
  • Have a nice trip: Góða ferð (goodah fair)

Note: There are no trains in the Faroe Islands.


A single ticket to _____. Kundi e.g. fingið einvegis ferðasil til _____? (Kun-dee eh finj-ee ayn-vay-ees fer-a-seel teel _____?)

A return ticket to _____. Kundi e.g. fingið ferðasil aftur og fram til _____? (Kun-dee eh finj-ee fer-a-seel aft-ur o fram teel _____?)

How much does that cost? Hvat kostadddr tað? (Kvat kost-ar ta?)

Where does this bus go? Hvar fer bussurin? (Kvar fer buss-ur-in?)

Where is the bus to _____? Hvar er bussurin til _____? (Kvar fer buss-ur-een teel _____?)

Does this bus stop at _____? Steðgar bussurin hjá _____? (Ste-ar buss-ur-een hjo _____?)

When does the bus leave? Nær fer bussurin? (Nyar fer buss-ur-een?)

When does the bus leave for _____? Nær fer bussurin til _____? (Nyar fer buss-ur-een teel _____?)

When does the bus arrive? Nær kemur bussurin? (Nyar kem-ur buss-ur-een?)

When will the bus arrive in _____? Nær kemur bussurin í _____? (Nyar kem-ur buss-ur-een uee _____?)


Which harbour is next? Hvor er næsta havn? ( Kvor ehr nya-sta havn? ) Is this the ferry for _____? Er hetta ferjan til _____? ( Ehr het-a fer-yan teel _____? )