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The category of side dishes is a somewhat general super-category in any cookbook.

One might best define a side dish in terms of the way it is served for a particular meal, as being:

  • “A medium-size portion of any primarily vegetable dish (including, for certainty, all grains and starches), which is served on the same plate with, or in a dish alongside, the main dish, that is not intended to be the main dish or a co-equal of the main dish, and, if in a separate dish, is not intended to be some other course, such as an appetizer or a dessert. The serving size of a side dish is larger than that of a mere accent item or condiment.”

In other words, the definition of a side dish is primarily based on what the item is intended to be, and is served as, taken in context.

For a complete, automatically generated, alphabetical list of pages which have been categorized, on their individual pages, as being a side dish see: Side dish recipes.