Canadian Refugee Procedure/Section 167 IRPA: Right to counsel and representation by a designated representative.

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Section 167 of the IRPA[edit | edit source]

The legislative provision reads:

Right to counsel
167 (1) A person who is the subject of proceedings before any Division of the Board and the Minister may, at their own expense, be represented by legal or other counsel.

(2) If a person who is the subject of proceedings is under 18 years of age or unable, in the opinion of the applicable Division, to appreciate the nature of the proceedings, the Division shall designate a person to represent the person.

Commentary[edit | edit source]

For a discussion of the right to counsel and issues that arise related thereto, see the commentary under the RPD Rule on Counsel of Record: Canadian Refugee Procedure/Counsel of Record. For a discussion of issues related to designated representatives, see the commentary under the relevant rule: Canadian Refugee Procedure/Designated Representatives.

References[edit | edit source]