Arithmetic/Spelling out numbers

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In this section you will learn how to spell out numbers in English. Before we can spell out we must learn how numbers are arranged. We must know what we mean by units, tens , hundreds place and so on.

0 - Zero

1 - One

2 - Two

3 - Three

4 - Four

5 - Five

6 - Six

7 - Seven

8 - Eight

9 - Nine

Places: Using the number 1,234

The place names are: 4 - Ones 3 - Tens 2 - Hundreds 1 - Thousands

It is spelled out as: One Thousand Two Hundred and Thirty Four

(Note: After the Thousands, place names can vary depending on local customs. Place a comma after every third number starting at the end of the number to show place value family names change.)