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Read and discuss Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.[edit]

The goal of this text and discussion is to see that there is a “time and place for everything.” A discussion could revolve around “seasons of life” for example (baby years, toddler years, school years, marriage years, children years, grandparent years).

Illustrate Ecclesiastes 3:11.[edit]

Suggestions: collage, sidewalk chalk drawing, drawing, charades, poster, etc.

Identify the time of year for the seasons in your area.[edit]

Your area may have the four distinct seasons, while other areas may have only two. The northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere experience opposite seasons because of their exposure to the sun during different months of the year. When does the weather change (normally) where you live?

How do you prepare for each season: clothing, gardening, harvesting, activities, school, etc.[edit]

Discuss proper clothing, types of flowers/plants, and activities appropriate for each season.

This is a continuation of question 3. Discussion, illustration, or even role play can be used here. A diorama could also be used to illustrate what children wear during each season.

Play a game related to the seasons.[edit]

Teaching Idea: Clothed for the Season Race

Materials: a huge box full of clothing easily identifiable as only relevant for a single season. Ex. rain jacket, umbrella, and rubber boots illustrate spring in the northern hemisphere; swimming clothing, towel, and beach umbrella denote summer in the northern hemisphere. Make sure the clothing is bigger than the largest Sunbeam so that it is easy for them to “race” putting on the clothing over their own clothing in a relay race format. Al four seasons should be represented, along with several “optional” or “original” pieces. ONE BOX OF FOUR SEASONS CLOTHING per team.

Procedure: Line up each team behind a line 20 feet / 8 meters from the box of clothing. Each team should be no larger than 4 Sunbeams/team members. On “go” the first people on each team race to go put on the clothing appropriate for spring. Once completely clothed, the stumble back to tag the second team member who races up to dress for summer.